Bears Host Second Pride Night

August 15, 2018

Bears Host Second Pride Night

After the amazing success of our inaugural Pride Game last season the Sydney Bears are dedicated to continuing to show our support for the LGBTIQA community and to make sure that no matter a person’s gender identity or sexuality, they feel safe, included and welcome at Bears games.

During the season, we have worked to educate our staff and players about the issues faced by the LGBTIQA community and how sport can play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone has a safe place to play. We have continued the open discussion about the impact the language we use can have and how in oder to have a safe and inclusive environment we must continue to speak out against discriminatory behaviour in sport. In order to provide a safe place for fans, no matter their sexuality or gender identity, we have a zero tolerance policy at games and on Bears social media for bullying, harassment and discriminatory behaviour.

This year we have partnered with Twenty10 to raise money in support of their cause and to continue our commitment to inclusivity. Twenty10 are a Sydney based service working across New South Wales to provide young LGBTIQA people with a range of services including housing, social support, mental health and counselling. They provide social support for adults, and telephone and webchat support for people of all ages across New South Wales.

We hope that with this partnership we help can help not only make a difference to the lives of LGBTIQA people in Australia but provide a safe path into the ice hockey community. 

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